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I’m Still Here, And Working…

I’m still here, and working…

While I have been tempted to sit back and binge watch a couple of Netflix series I am still working, as there is still demand for both Buy to Let and residential re-mortgages as well as Insurances

  • Whilst the property market has taken a beating, you can still check to see if you can switch to better rate.
  • Many of the Banks, building societies and of course Estate Agents have had to furlough their employees including their salaried mortgage brokers.
  • We are still looking after existing clients and advising them what can be done for them whilst taking government advice into account.
  • I have been working remotely for several years so why waste such an important skill. Non-face to face mortgage applications are extremely effective, convenient, and most importantly SAFE!
  • The industry is rapidly changing Bank of England reduced rates to 0.1% on the 19th March 2020 but some lenders raised their new product rates due to funding difficulties. New information is being presented to us several times per day.
  • There is little point neglecting our business and allowing people to wonder if we are still around!
  • We are seeing how business has changed in just a short period of time during the coronavirus crisis. Once the markets start to recover some mortgage brokers or firms may not return to the industry. It will be too difficult, especially those larger firms with debt.
  • BUT I am still here, so please don’t hesitate to ask for help and advice

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